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Your contractor check-list: 4 steps to a smoother renovation Your contractor check-list: 4 steps to a smoother renovation

There's no place like home - until it's ruined by a hellacious renovation. Before you start, hammer out these details. (more)

Avoid these rookie renovation mistakes
You'll save money and grief -- and improve the odds that your project will turn out as planned. (more)

Mr. & Mrs. Newburg rebuild a dream house
Wood stoves hot again

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Average job cost (2005 Natl Avg):  $
What will you get back?
% Cost recovered
Value at sale

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Remodeling Online's 2005 Cost vs. Value Report

The nuts and bolts of home improvement
Help! My house isn't selling
Beef up your home insurance
Your own garage storage plan
7 steps to a home inspection
Shrink your energy bills
Small-bath smarts
Calling in an HVAC Pro
Does it pay to save?
All-weather safety
Fall fertilizing
Make your home safer
Maximizing kitchen space
Making sense of zoning
Get ready for fall
Emergency shutoff

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Flipping real estate
Flipping real estate
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