BUSINESS 2.0: Bottom Line Design  
The 2nd Annual Bottom Line Design Awards
Business 2.0 and Silicon Valley's Frog Design go beyond surface beauty to single out objects that look good not just in pictures, but also on their makers' income statements.
By Business 2.0 Magazine staff

(Business 2.0 Magazine) - Ask most people what qualifies as good design and they're likely to name a line of couture, a groundbreaking skyscraper, or a sleek piece of modern furniture.

But why not a pill bottle, a bag of M&Ms, or a really cool-looking coffin? In the second annual Bottom Line Design Awards -- a collaboration between Business 2.0 and the venerable Silicon Valley consulting firm Frog Design -- we look beyond the surface to take a more holistic approach.

The following 10 winners don't just look great; they've revolutionized old categories or engendered new ones, while also making a positive impact on the bottom lines of the companies that created them.

In fact, design aesthetic was but one of 10 metrics we used to rate each product. We also considered user experience, brand strategy, sustainability, innovation, risk taking, corporate strategy, business impact, cultural impact, and the element of surprise.

Our jury of nine experts from various industries chose from the nearly 100 submissions and nominations that came in this year. Click here to see a photo gallery of their picks for the most noteworthy designs of 2005. Top of page

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