Big-city taxes
A look at how state and local taxes affect the take-home pay of a family of four with a $100,000 income.

NEW YORK ( - Here's what a family of four with annual income of $100,000 would pay in major state and local taxes for each state's largest city and Washington, D.C. These estimates are based on 2004 data and were compiled by the government of the District of Columbia.

The overall ranking is based on the sum of taxes listed as a percent of the family's income.

Where cities levy the same tax, they can do so at vastly different rates. For example, all 51 cities levy a tax on real property, but the rates range from $0.38 per $100 of assessed value in Honolulu to $2.99 per $100 in Houston.

In 47 of the cities surveyed, residents pay a sales tax, according to the D.C. report. The highest rates are found in Memphis, New Orleans and Seattle. The lowest are found in Honolulu, Virginia Beach, Va. and Columbia, S.C.

To see how the cities rank by different taxes, click on column headings in the table below. Click on state abbreviations for key statistics on major cities and towns from the Best Places to Live database. Top of page

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