10 hot cities for job growth
The Sun Belt will lead job growth from now through 2015 as megacities like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix expand.
By Owen Thomas, Business 2.0 Magazine online editor, and Rob Kelley, CNNMoney.com staff writer

SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0 Magazine) - To find hotspots for job growth, you only have to look south.

From Las Vegas to Orlando, sunny suburbs are the best bets to find fast-growing job markets between now and 2015. As new subdivisions spring to life, the infrastructure that's required to support new residents like mortgage lending and healthcare -- is sure to provide steady employment. Best of all, this kind of work has to be delivered locally. These are jobs that won't go offshore.

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Beyond that, the jobs available vary. Las Vegas and Orlando are buoyed by an ever-growing entertainment sector. Austin is the rare tech hub that still seems poised for double-digit growth, thanks to a vibrant semiconductor sector. Indeed, Samsung is pouring $4 billion into a local chip fab.

Phoenix meanwhile is growing in areas as disparate as aerospace, financial services and online education. That city is in the midst of such a boom that experts project it will be the scene of the greatest regional expansion in our lifetime.

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*An earlier version of the accompanying gallery listed median income and housing data from 2000 for these 10 cities. It has since been updated with 2005 figures. Top of page

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