Home forecast: Where the growth is...and isn't
MONEY Magazine turned to Fiserv Lending solutions and Moody's economy.com for exclusive forecasts on 380 markets.
By Tara Kalwarski, MONEY Magazine

NEW YORK (MONEY Magazine) - The housing market is coming in for a landing - and so far, at least, it looks like a soft one.

Nationwide, single-family home prices will rise 3.5 percent between now and June 2007, according to forecasters at Fiserv Lending Solutions and Moody's Economy.com. "That's a decent increase," says Fiserv chief economist David Stiff.

Still, it's less than half the past year's clip and well under the 10 percent annual rate of the past five years.

How will your region fare? If it was hot, with few exceptions, now it's not. Appreciation will slow to a trickle in New York and Los Angeles.

Las Vegas prices will fall, and by next spring Sin City will have plenty of company in the loss column.

"This slowdown is the initial stage of correction in many markets," says Stiff.

On the other hand, a few ugly-duckling markets will see surprising gains as their affordability turns buyers' heads.

The markets below are ranked by forecast for the next four quarters.

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