Last-minute travel bargains
Haven't planned your summer vacation yet? Not only is there still time, there are deals to be had too.
By Donna Rosato and Michelle Kalkhoff, Money

NEW YORK (Money) -- It's nearly August and if you haven't planned your summer vacation yet, you're not alone: 64% of leisure travelers plan at least one of their getaways within two weeks of taking the trip and 26% plan all their vacations at the last minute, according to a poll by the Travel Industry Association.

Of course, many Americans don't have time to take a vacation, let alone plan one. One-third of adults say they don't always take all their vacation days because they're busy working, according to travel Web site's 2006 Vacation Deprivation survey.

6 last-minute destinations
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If you're suffering from vacation procrastination, it's not too late to get away. Sometimes not planning ahead can actually pay off - if you're not too picky. From excess inventory in several popular vacation home rental markets to off-season bargains in the Caribbean, there are still deals to be found.

"As airfares and hotel room rates have risen, last minute deals are not as plentiful as in previous years. But if you are flexible with dates and destinations, you can still save on your summer vacation this year," says Martha Gaughen, who specializes in family travel and owns Sterling Travel in Atlanta.

Here's where to find bargains between now and the end of summer:

Washington D.C.

North Carolina's outer banks

Las Vegas

New Orleans


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