The 5 best airports for business travelers
Thanks to terminal makeovers executed with business travelers in mind, layovers are becoming a decidedly less hellish experience.
By Lia Steakley, Business 2.0 Magazine

(Business 2.0) -- To airline industry insiders, the hours spent idling in airport terminals because of delays or extended layovers are known as "dwell time." To millions of time-constrained business travelers, the experience is more commonly known as "hell."

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And with U.S. flight delays already at their highest levels in years even before this month's terrorist threat wreaked further havoc on schedules, the odds of spending a chunk of time in airport purgatory these days are high.

There's good news, however, for beleaguered execs on the go. Airports big and small are discovering that there's goodwill to be earned - and money to be made - by providing stranded road warriors with Internet connections, well-stocked business centers, and even "hypercharge" power stations that juice up cell phones in minutes.

To find out which airports are the most business-friendly, we quizzed travelers, analyzed stats, and cross-checked passenger polls. The task wasn't easy: Every U.S. airport has its share of detractors, and none compares to the best overseas airports--not yet, anyway. Still, U.S. airports are making strides.

To see which airports are the best for business travelers, click here.

So if you have to be stuck in purgatory on your next business trip, these are the airports where you'll want to be:

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