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Is my product sexy?

An advertising company wants to find out how well it is appealing to potential customers.

By Elaine Pofeldt, FSB senior editor

(FSB Magazine) -- Dear FSB: We make a product called the GolfCap (, which allows clients to buy advertising on tee boxes in golf courses and driving ranges. How can we best evaluate its appeal to potential clients? --Brad M. Monson Vice President, Operations Curb Appeal Outdoor Advertising Corp. Calgary, Alberta

Dear Brad: The most direct way to take stock of your product is to survey potential customers about their advertising needs, advises Les Rubenovitch, president of Mage Canada (, a consultancy which advises fast-growth entrepreneurs.

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If you don't know a good market research firm in your area, you may want to ask for leads from a trade group, such as the Marketing Research & Intelligence Association ( in Canada or the Marketing Research Association ( in the U.S. Once you know what your prospects want, you can shape your messages to them accordingly, says Rubenovitch.

Don't close your mind to other venues where you can sell ads. Rubenovitch advises you to consider marketing your services at convention centers, amusement parks and other gathering spots for large numbers of consumers. "Your products appear to have the versatility and durability that would be needed for them to be considered," says Rubenovitch. "The signs are positive!" Top of page

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