Stay current on government regulations

Avoid penalties and fines by knowing your obligations.

By Anne Field, FSB contributor

FSB -- Don't let government deadlines sneak up on your company. Use these websites to stay on top of the latest regulations that affect your business.

The Small Business Administration. This site provides a handy overview of government regulations and policies.

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness. The CRE, which describes itself as a clearinghouse for methods to improve the federal regulatory process, includes news and developments about the latest regulations.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute. This non-profit "dedicated to advancing the principles of free enterprise and limited government" has lots of information, with plenty of attitude, about examples of excessive regulations. Tax- and bureaucracy-haters will love this site.

Environmental Protection Agency. Get access to information about existing environmental regulations and proposed Congressional legislation here. You can also find links to fact sheets and other information about the key legal statutes that form the basis for EPA programs. The frequently asked questions about the Family and Medical Leave Act offer a useful guide for small employers on confusing aspects of the law.

U.S. Department of Labor. The federal government's advice on how to follow the Family and Medical Leave Act provides another useful roadmap of companies' obligations.


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