U.S. economy has a 'royal straight flush' - Jamie Dimon

@CNNMoney May 8, 2012: 2:23 PM ET

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was overwhelmingly optimistic Monday -- but was quick to say things would be even better were it not for government policies.

His reasons for optimism: the world's strongest military, best businesses, most entrepreneurial workforce and deepest capital markets. "We have the royal straight flush," Dimon told Fortune.

So what's the problem? Dimon cited three examples of where the government went wrong: The debt ceiling crisis, the failure to adopt Simpson-Bowles and what he calls the "constant attack on business."

When asked why, at a time of record profits, Corporate America isn't hiring more, Dimon said American businesses had added 4 million jobs in the past two years. "I don't think government policy had anything to do with it," Dimon said. "It should have been 8 million.

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