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A Smoother Ride
A Smoother Ride
Zipcar; $25 to join, then $50 a year and $9 an hour; www.zipcar.com

Rocky Agrawal, Program director, AOL Search new products

I got a bad case of sticker shock on my last trip to San Francisco. I shelled out $234 for a rental car, $265 more for parking -- and don't even get me started on today's gas prices. Then I found a cheaper and more efficient way to get to and fro: Zipcar, a car-sharing program operating in 29 cities across North America. Now I go online, reserve a car at the nearest downtown location (usually within blocks of my hotel), and pay $9 an hour, gas and insurance included. I can get Mini Coopers, 3 Series BMWs, Toyota Priuses, and other stylish rides. And I don't waste time picking up a car at the airport or searching for a gas station before returning it. Getting around town has become the easiest part of my business trips.




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