Our picks for ... world phones

Cell-phone carriers have finally heard us: We want to take our phones with us, no matter where in the world we're headed.

T-Mobile Wing
3 1/2 stars

6 oz.

$300 (with two-year contract/rebate)


PROS Buoyed by the newly released Windows Mobile 6 operating system, the Wing is more industrious than a hungry intern. Anywhere you get data access -- in 90 countries so far -- you can sync your Outlook calendar and task lists with those at the office. A relatively large "qwerty" keyboard slides out from behind a big screen that has room to show appointments and related details without opening a new window.

CONS The 201-MHz processor wheezes under heavy loads. Open multiple applications and the Wing ceases to fly. And because the phone isn't on a 3G network, Web browsing is also slow.

BUY THIS ONE IF ... You hate the thought of leaving the office -- especially Microsoft Office -- behind.

LG CU500v

RIM BlackBerry 8830

T-Mobile Wing
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