Inside the mind of a crazy (rich) entrepreneur

Scott Jones thinks up more ideas in a month than most folks do in a lifetime. Find out how he makes them pay. Photographs by Chris Mueller/Redux.

Jones (at his Indiana estate) works out new ideas, including one for the web.
Most folks in the Indianapolis suburb of Carmel know Scott Jones as "the guy who invented voicemail." In the early '90s Jones made about $50 million on his company, which created the predominate form of voicemail, and he "retired" at age 31. Over the past two decades this driven inventor has been generating ideas for new products and companies - some were successful, others hit the scrap heap - at a pace that would make Thomas Edison's head spin.

Jones's latest company, ChaCha, is developing a potential rival to Google - a search engine assisted by human experts who will help you find your answer.








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