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Gary Phaneuf
Gary Phaneuf
Unemployed for two years, Phaneuf, 55, hopes a McDonald's job will give him a fresh start.

"I'm currently not working, so I thought it would be smart to come in and fill out an application," he said. "I'll take anything. I'm just trying to get a job now."

Paneuf has a long and diverse work history. After graduating with a degree in labor relations from Cornell University in 1978, he has since worked as a teacher, a laborer in a shipyard and a messenger -- among other jobs.

But since being laid off two years ago, he's had a tough time finding a new position.

"It's harder as you get older," he said. "You just roll from one punch to the other."

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Last updated April 20 2011: 2:05 PM ET
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