13. Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest
Radio/TV host; CEO, Ryan Seacrest Productions
Age: 36
Industry: Hollywood

It's almost surprising that Ryan Seacrest still works the gig that made him famous -- hosting American Idol -- considering how much he's branched out into other business ventures. The Georgia-born TV and radio host boasts a handful of full-time jobs, including hosting E! News and running Ryan Seacrest Productions. At the moment he has 19 TV projects in the works, as well as a sweeping deal with Comcast and a new international radio syndication deal with Clear Channel Communications.

Starmaker: The world has Seacrest to thank (or blame) for the Kardashian Kraze; it was he who first pitched the family's show to E!.

Last updated October 25 2011: 5:11 PM ET
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