Job killing companies

Could the jobs recovery actually be taking a step back? These 10 corporations recently announced layoffs in the thousands.

Borders stores close, 10,700 jobs lost
Borders stores close, 10,700 jobs lost

The nation's second largest book seller is closing all of its 399 remaining stores, after efforts to find a buyer for the company fell through.

With the liquidation, 10,700 workers -- almost entirely in the United States -- will lose their jobs.

Employees are flocking to online forums to pay their respects, and share memories of their days at the company.

"Being a bit of an oddkin my whole life, in 1993, Borders introduced me to folks just as too-smart and strange as I was," a former employee wrote on Facebook. "I feel an enormous sense of waste, seeing what I helped build over the years dissolve... No regrets meeting all those Bordersfolk over all those years. I am honored to have worked with you."

Compiled by Annalyn Censky - Last updated August 03 2011: 12:30 PM ET
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