Geoff Chesman Visuals
Geoff Chesman Visuals
Lance Alworth and Rob Marino, who were married last March, had their photographs done by Geoff Chesman, whose business grew after gay marriage was legalized in Washington D.C.
Headquarters : Washington, D.C.

Photographer Geoff Chesman shoots everything from weddings to bat mitzvahs to portraits. Approximately 40% of his business is weddings. About 10% of those are same-sex couples.

Although the photo-taking process is the same no matter who's getting married, a photographer needs to be sensitive to the needs and desires of the couple when documenting a same-sex wedding, said Chesman. For example, it is important to use ''more neutral language in discussions.''

When gay marriage was legalized in Washington, D.C. Chesman saw a bump in business. ''People were excited they could finally do this,'' he said. "A few of the couples I shot last year were people who had been together a long time and were happy to have it recognized legally."

Chesman gets most of his business through referrals, but he is planning to get listed on the website

Last updated June 28 2011: 3:38 PM ET
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