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Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate
Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate
Owner: Louis Lautman
Business type: Virtual assistants service

When I started SupremeOutsourcing, I needed to get the word out.

I heard about this professional business organization with a $30,000 membership fee. I didn't have $30,000 lying around, so I had to get creative. I knew that being in this group would enable me to sell more than $30k worth of my services, so I negotiated and was able to defer the membership dues.

The group generated lots of referrals, and I used the new client revenues to pay the dues. Now I have a referral engine sending me business all the time and the group has paid for itself several times over.

By Scott Gerber, contributing writer @CNNMoney - Last updated November 22 2011: 5:59 PM ET
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