Free drinks
Free drinks
Razor Suleman, owner of I Love Rewards, creates employee incentive programs for companies. He provides free food and drinks to job seekers.
Hiring manager: Razor Suleman
Company: I Love Rewards
Headquarters: San Francisco

The job market in San Francisco is really hot so we find talent by hosting biweekly happy hours at the swanky W Hotel.

We tell our employees to invite anyone from their personal network for free food and drinks. About 50 people attend each time and we give a 15-minute presentation about our company and who we are.

It's a little like dating. Happy hour helps us meet people, court them and attract the best and brightest candidates who aren't necessarily posting their resumes on online job boards. It's a chance for us to sell ourselves and candidates are usually on their best behavior. You'd be surprised by how little attendees drink. --C.W.

Last updated September 16 2011: 12:33 PM ET
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