• You paid what?!?

    You paid what?!?

    If people are tightening their purse strings, these 10 businesses wouldn't know. Their bestsellers have jaw-dropping price tags and plenty of buyers.

  • 10 great franchise bets

    10 great franchise bets

    Here's why these businesses are thriving.

  • Dear Mr. President ...

    Dear Mr. President ...

    10 small businesspeople on the one question they would ask President Obama.

  • Regulation nightmares

    Regulation nightmares

    Regulation hurdles that are keeping small business owners up at night.

  • Firing horror stories

    Firing horror stories

    Firing an employee is never easy. But these horror stories teach the following: Always be polite and professional when giving an employee the boot. And if the person getting fired starts to lose it, duck.

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