Orchid samurai sword
Orchid samurai sword
Price: $1,599 from CAS Hanwei

Practical use: Zombie decapitation

Pro: The sheer awesomeness of owning a katana

Con: Explaining to your wife that you bought a katana

"A katana needs to be at the top of anyone's zombie survival kit if they're hoping for any kind of long term survival," said Blake Pogue, spokeswoman for CAS Hanwei, maker of this folded steel Orchid katana. "I mean, who is going to be making bullets after the apocalypse? I'd go for a no-frills decapitation when dispatching the zombie horde."

Decapitation wouldn't kill the zombie -- a brain shot is required for that -- but it does allow for escape.

Last updated September 28 2011: 4:42 PM ET
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