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Gifts for horrible bosses

Monday is National Bosses Day. Other than a swift kick to the rear end, what do you give a horrible boss? Here are six gifts that will keep your boss's butt safe and you, hopefully, still gainfully employed.

For the horrible boss
For the horrible boss
Other than a swift kick to the rear end, what do you get the horrible boss above?

Bad bosses are everywhere -- in big companies and small.

Half of American workers have experienced an "unreasonable manager" at some time in their career, according to a survey for OfficeTeam, a staffing company.

One-quarter of workers in a Developmental Dimensions survey say their boss is a know-it-all and another quarter work for a micromanager. No wonder one-third of workers say they spend about five hours a week lamenting their boss.

So what do you give a horrible boss for Bosses Day? Well, the employees in the summer flick "Horrible Bosses" hire a hit man. For gifts that have less dire consequences take a look at the following.

By Vickie Elmer, contributing writer - Last updated October 19 2011: 9:56 AM ET
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