• Cool companies

    Cool companies

    Bored? Turn your passions -- whether they are juggling chainsaws, chasing tornadoes or walking on fire -- into cool and profitable companies just like the following 12 entrepreneurs did.

  • 10 Generation Next entrepreneurs to watch

    10 Generation Next entrepreneurs to watch

    When it comes to unemployment, Generation Next, or people born between 1980 and 2000, are not ones to sit around and complain. They take action. They are not about looking for jobs; they are about creating them.

  • Seniors mind their business

    Seniors mind their business

    These baby boomers and seniors take on and deftly handle entrepreneurship in the latter part of their lives.

  • From unemployment to startup

    From unemployment to startup

    Unemployment, job dissatisfaction and sheer guts created startup success for these eight entrepreneurs.

  •  We're hiring! We're hiring!

    We're hiring! We're hiring!

    Who says small businesses aren't hiring? The following seven firms are looking for a few good employees.

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