Crisson Jno-Charles
Crisson Jno-Charles
Company: Fetchmob
Age: 26
Hometown: Stoughton, Mass.

Last year I quit my job at a hedge fund to start my own company with a co-founder, who happens to be my girlfriend Alisa Boguslavskaya.

A friend of ours in North Carolina was in a lot of pain and needed to pick up some Tylenol, but he didn't have a way to get there. It would've been great if someone who lived in his area and was already out shopping could have bought Tylenol for him.

So Alisa and I founded Fetchmob, a site where users can post shopping requests for friends to take on. Maybe your friend is at the grocery store and wouldn't mind picking up some tomatoes for you. Or you could drop off an item for another student in your dorm. It's all about making it simpler to help your friends and people who live near you.

I'm so excited about the idea of the accelerator. [Tech entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa has said] we need a black Zuckerberg. Not one or two minor successes; someone who just takes any misconceptions and smashes them to bits. -As told to CNNMoney staff reporter Julianne Pepitone

CNNMoney staff reporter Julianne Pepitone interviewed each profiled entrepreneur; their comments have been edited for length and clarity.
Last updated July 22 2011: 9:53 AM ET
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