Ticker: LNKD
IPO date: May 19
IPO price: $45
Now trading at: $69.95
Revenue for first 9 months of 2011: $354 million
Profit for first 9 months of 2011: $5 million

LinkedIn shares nearly tripled in early public trading and ended their first day at $94.25 -- more than double LinkedIn's $45 IPO price.

Investors initially didn't seem concerned that until last year, the company was in the red almost every year since its 2003 inception. (In 2006, it turned a slight profit on sales of $32 million.) But shares began dropping in May, and by June 20 LinkedIn was below $64 a share.

A July spike took shares back to nearly $110, but they took another dive in late November when LinkedIn insiders began unloading shares. IPOs typically come with "lockup" agreements preventing employees and early investors from unloading their stakes; LinkedIn's expired on November 20. A few days earlier, LinkedIn revealed that its early investor Bain Capital planned to dump its entire $275 million stake.

LinkedIn shares fell sharply the week after its lockup period expired.

An analyst report from called that decline "an implicit acknowledgement that perhaps LinkedIn really is over-valued." Trefis's analysis set a LinkedIn price target of $43 a share -- sharply below the current price.

"Now trading at" is the stock's close on 12/5/2011.
By Julianne Pepitone @CNNMoneyTech - Last updated December 07 2011: 5:54 AM ET
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