Nickel and diming their way to $1 million
Nickel and diming their way to $1 million
Name: Tim and Karen Moyer, 44 and 38
Home town: Moorestown, N.J.
Occupation: Public school teacher and stay-at-home mom
Net worth: $585,000

On their path to saving for retirement, the Moyers have paid special attention to investment fees.

"We tend to follow the advice of Vanguard founder John Bogle, as well as other "Bogleheads": Purchase funds that have low fees, including index funds." Tim adds: "We could easily use index funds exclusively but wanted some higher exposure to certain sectors, including health care and real estate."

Even with a few managed funds, the Moyers pay an average of just 0.23% in annual expenses per year in their portfolio -- or about a quarter what the typical fund portfolio bills in fees per year.

This, plus the couple's dilligent savings, explains why the Moyers are already halfway to their goal line.

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By Carolyn Bigda, Lisa Gibbs, Elaine Pofeldt and Donna Rosato @Money - Last updated July 20 2012: 9:02 AM ET
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