Sitters Studio vs. Bright Horizons
Sitters Studio vs. Bright Horizons
The challenge:Getting parents to go with a new, and not yet trusted, babysitting service.

What she did: After hearing a lot of griping from friends and colleagues about finding good child care, singer Kristina Wilson, 33, figured she'd found the perfect business: a lot of demand and a great labor pool of struggling artists and performers sick of waiting on tables. In 2006 the former Morgan Stanley executive assistant launched Sitters Studio. She says revenue is just under $1 million a year. The company operates in New York City and now has expanded to Chicago. Its secret? Parents, she says, appreciate the vetting process and child-development classes for all the babysitters. The artsy vibe doesn't hurt either -- especially in Brooklyn. Still, she points out, "we use corporate standards to run the company."

This story is from the July 23, 2012 issue of Fortune.
By Elaine Pofeldt, contributor @FortuneMagazine - Last updated July 20 2012: 5:53 AM ET
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