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Fortune Small Business

FSB 100 

America's fastest-growing small public companies

And the winners are...
How did the most successful small public companies in America get where they are today? Innovation and persistence of course. But this year it also helped to be in industrial manufacturing. (more)

Tying 'the knot' made simple
Husband-and-wife founders of TheKnot.com explain how their business struggled to survive the dot com bust and still came out on top. (more) video
Fast-growing small companies in your state
15 of the fastest-growing small public companies call Texas home. How many FSB 100 companies are in your state? (more)
• Texas

Top 25 richest execs
These FSB 100 insiders all own $10 million or more in stock and options. (more)

5 small stocks to bank on
We asked five top money managers to give us their pick of the FSB 100 stock that holds the most promise for future returns. (more)
How did the most successful small public companies in America get where they are today? (more)
A bridal website aims to keep its customers for the long haul. (more)
One entrepreneur plunged into biotech to save her daughter's life. (more)
How Frank Crail climbed the great chocolate mountain. (more)
Chemical company Fuel Tech prospers by cleaning up coal utilities. (more)
2007 Fortune 500 Retail giant Wal-Mart knocks Exxon Mobil down to second place on the definitive list of America's largest companies. See who ranks where this year, and why. (more)
100 fastest-growing tech companies Despite talk of froth and bubbles, the tech sector continues to surge. The 100 companies on our annual list are all posting impressive results. (more)
Which companies have the best reputations? See who's up, who's down on Fortune's annual list, plus find out how 306 top companies rate in 8 key areas. (more)