Racking Out at the Mall
By Ian Mount

(FORTUNE Small Business) – Would you pay $42 an hour for a nap while shopping? Steev RamsDell, founder of minneNAPolis, is betting $200,000 you'll say, "Yes." Opened last month in Minnesota's Mall of America, minneNAPolis charges 70 cents a minute for a snooze in eight- by 12-foot themed rooms such as Tropical Isle and Asian Mist (which you're sure to appreciate with eyes closed). RamsDell didn't invent the idea of selling sleep--New York City's MetroNaps sells snoozes in 1970s-style pods--but he's the first to move nap services from trendy Manhattan to the belly of Midwestern sensibility. "We're appealing to people who shop all day until they're tired," says RamsDell, who needs to sell about $700 of sleep a day to break even. No word yet on how oversleepers will work off their bill. Washing ... linens?