Realtor wreckers
Internet tools chip away at agents' value to home buyers.
by Ian Mount, FSB Magazine

(FORTUNE Small Business Magazine) - The 6% real estate commission has been under assault awhile, but the hits just keep coming - and are getting more sophisticated. Three Internet upstarts are the latest to take a shot.

1. Redfin

Coverage: Seattle and San Francisco, and coming soon to Los Angeles and San Diego

What it does:

Superimposes for-sale information, as well as recent sale prices, on an aerial map. Launched in February, Redfin also acts as a buyer's agent and refunds two-thirds of the agent's commission--usually 2% of the total sales price--to the buyer. "We've had agents write in blogs about breaking our kneecaps," says CEO Glenn Kelman.

2. PropertyShark

Coverage: mainly New York City

What it does:

Publishes property record data in an online property report. Casual users can receive six reports a day for free; unlimited access costs $250 to $550 per year. Founder Matthew Haines says that when the site launched in January 2003, it "really agitated the brokers because they were used to having an information advantage."


Coverage: National

What it does:

Aggregates information--such as aerial photos, assessed value, comparable recent sales, and lot size-on about 65 million of the country's 85 million single-family homes, with enough data to peg a value-a "Zestimate"-on more than 45 million of them. The site, which is run by the founders of Expedia (Research) and, had nearly three million visitors during its three weeks live in February.


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