Sure it's Not Italian for "Mid-Life Crisis"?
By Lawrence Ulrich

(MONEY Magazine) – Auto buffs know GT stands for Gran Turismo. For the revived Ford GT (on sale in July), Greed Tax might be more like it. As with any model, the GT's $139,995 retail price is Ford's suggestion; its dealers may charge whatever a Gucci wallet will bear. For this rare 200-mph supercar--perhaps 3,500 copies expected--first-customer honors fetched $557,000 at a Christie's charity auction last August. At Bickford Ford near Seattle, Dave Pazlu has turned down $250,000 bids for each of the two GTs he hopes to receive in August. He'll settle for $300,000: "I'm still waiting for Bill Gates to call." While many dealers play fair, the frenzy for supercars ensures that fame, connections and cash talk louder than naive stuff like waiting lists. Example: While the GT isn't officially on sale yet, the first prototype was built for chairman Bill Ford Jr. last summer. So if your name isn't Ford--or 50 Cent--start amassing that bribe to be first on your gated block with a GT. --LAWRENCE ULRICH