Where's Perot?
By Stephen Gandel

(MONEY Magazine) – With a Bush running for re-election, you might be wondering whatever happened to Ross Perot. The Texas businessman turned presidential candidate is busy leading a turnaround at Perot Systems (PER), which he founded in 1988 and controls with a 30% stake. Perot is the chairman of the Plano, Texas-based IT consulting company, while son Ross Jr. is CEO.

Perot, who said that the North American Free Trade Agreement would suck jobs from the U.S., is prospering from companies moving tasks overseas. Perot Systems, which has $1.5 billion in sales, plans to add 3,500 jobs in its India-based subsidiary, which processes medical claims for U.S. firms. Meanwhile, at home, the improving U.S. economy is spurring demand for the company's computer-consulting work. Rodney Hathaway, a portfolio manager at Heartland Advisors, which owns 475,000 shares, figures that given the valuation of its rivals, the company's stock could rise 50% from a recent $13. --STEPHEN GANDEL