Hot-Blooded Coupes
By Lawrence Ulrich

(MONEY Magazine) – Pontiac GTO This tamely styled muscle-car revival won't turn heads but will snap necks, thanks to the 350-hp V-8 lifted from the Chevy Corvette. Throw in a street-rebel exhaust sound, competent handling and a fair price, and the Aussie-built GTO will have even all-American skeptics saying G'day, mate.

Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe If the GTO is black leather, the G35 is a Hugo Boss suit--sophisticated but never stuffy. Consider it the Nissan 350Z for grown-ups, sharing the Z's terrific chassis, suspension and (280-hp) V-6 but adding a back seat, a cushier ride and sleeker styling. It's also the bargain of its class.

BMW 645Ci The price belongs in a straitjacket, but there's no better therapy than blistering a highway in the 645Ci. In style and substance it exudes a screw-you bravado that leaves rivals quivering. Its 4.4-liter V-8 is all muscle; cutting-edge steering and suspension chart curves with laughable ease. --LAWRENCE ULRICH