How to score hard-to-find sports tickets
By Stephanie D. Smith

(MONEY Magazine) – Dreaming of a 50-yard-line perch at the Eagles-Redskins Week 11 game? Or maybe you want to act early on coveted Final Four tickets? Here's how to get a ref's-eye view of the biggest games around.

"I LOVE MY TEAM!" Bid midseason on a certificate that reserves the right to buy postseason tickets at face value if your team makes it. Don't wait too long—bids rise as a team's odds increase.

"KICKOFF'S TONIGHT!" Plenty of late finds, but allow a week for auction and shipping time. Scour feedback on sellers to avoid skeevy scalpers. A trove of late sellers unloading seats, often day of. It's one-on-one, so haggling abounds.

"I NEED 12 TIX!" Ideal for groups: Buy big lots of adjacent seats with-out having to bid. —STEPHANIE D. SMITH