Who Digs Up Your Credit Score? You'd Be Surprised
More and more folks of all stripes want a look at your number
By Tara Kalwarski

(MONEY Magazine) – Guess who's peeking at your credit records lately. And it's all perfectly legal.

Judges, employers and landlords Credit scores are now used in courthouses, workplaces and rental offices to assess your character. And the three-digit scores (670 or more is excellent) are used to see how much child support or rent you can afford.

Auto and property insurers Companies calculate their internal insurance scores from a credit report, paying specific attention to debt and other black marks. Why? Statistical data show that people with poor credit records file more claims.

Utility, cable and cell-phone service When you open an account, a weak score may mean an additional deposit.

All the more reason to double-check your reports from the three credit agencies. Buy all three reports for $39 at myfico.com. Or snag a freebie: A new law will make annual reports free by late next year. —TARA KALWARSKI