Which Web Travel Deals Are for Real?
By Donna Rosato

(MONEY Magazine) – Low-price guarantees seem to be everywhere these days, but too few of them live up to their billing


WHO DOES IT Northwest, Alaska

THE PROMISE Find a fare that's at least $5 cheaper, and you get a refund for the difference. Northwest throws in $50 for future travel.

THE CATCH Must be exactly the same itinerary, including flight times. Claims must be submitted by midnight the day you buy on Northwest and within 24 hours on Alaska.

WORTH IT? Not with those restrictions


WHO DOES IT Most major chains

THE PROMISE Find a better rate for the same room and the hotel will match it. Many throw in extras.

THE CATCH Must be for the same room type and length of stay. Claims due within 24 hours.

WORTH IT? Yes. Great perks and no booking fees

Travel Websites

WHO DOES IT Expedia, Hotels.com, Lodging.com, Orbitz, Quikbook, Travelocity

THE PROMISE Find air fare that's at least $5 less, and Orbitz will give you $50 for future travel. For hotel sites, find a better rate and get that rate plus a refund for the difference.

THE CATCH Orbitz fare claims must be made by midnight the day of purchase for the same itinerary, dates and flight. Hotel claims due in 24 hours (48 for Quikbook).

WORTH IT? Depends. Most travel sites charge their own booking fee. —DONNA ROSATO