Stock Funds

(MONEY Magazine) – Below are the latest returns for all major equity funds, including key cost information and how they have performed against similar portfolios. Each of these 1,469 funds is available for a minimum investment of $25,000 or less, has assets of at least $233 million (as of Oct. 31), is listed on Nasdaq and has been operating since Jan. 1, 2004. Plus, the list includes all of the MONEY 50 funds. Having trouble locating a fund? Some have merged; others may simply have changed their names. The Safeco funds, for example, are now listed under their new Pioneer brand.

[Complete table not available. For the complete MONEY Stock Funds list please visit , or access February 2005 issue of Money. In addition to the Companies listed, table also provides Company Fund Name, Ticker, Peer Group, % 2004 Return, % Annualized Return for Three Years, Five Years, and 10 Years, Peer-Group Rank for 2001-02-03-04, % Sales Load, Expenses (% of Assets), Assets ($ Mil.), Telephone #.]