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Green lawns could lead to brownoutsFeb 15:  With wide swaths of the country drying up, water-hungry utilities scramble to meet surging energy and water demand.  more
Power execs hesitate to get greenFeb 15: Although they see some promise in clean energy technology, they warn about 'delusion and misinformation.'  more
Goodbye gasoline? Not so fastFeb 19: Spreading car culture will push gasoline demand ever higher, but experts say it will need some help to meet the world's growing energy needs. more
Feb 6: Environmentalists and politicians are turning up the heat on coal plants proposed by the investment giant. more
CES: Not as green as it saysCES organizers say the 20,310 tons of carbon dioxide conference-goers will generate will be neutralized with $108,000 in carbon offsets. Really? more
Energy and the presidential raceWhere the leading candidates stand on everything from a gas tax to a carbon cap to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. more
NBC's 'Green Week'
The peacock network gave all of its programming a green makeover for one week. But what was it hoping to accomplish? more
Green is goodU.S. business really has become cleaner and greener. The changes are huge - and so is the opportunity. A look at what could be the business story of the 21st century. more
Green skiingMountain resorts are turning to sustainable technologies to extend ski seasons and slash energy costs. morevideo
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