Energy and the presidential race

Where the leading candidates stand on everything from a gas tax to a carbon cap to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

At a Glance
At a Glance asked the leading presidential candidates 6 questions we think are central to the country's twin energy challenge: Satisfying growing energy demand while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

The leading candidates were chosen based on the most recent national polls. Responses come directly from the candidates or their public statements.

Energy policy at a glance
The first three questions are currently under debate in Congress. The next two regularly emerge as proposals, and will likely again in the coming years. The final question is seldom championed by politicians but often cited by economists as the most efficient way to cut oil use.
Giuliani Huckabee McCain Romney Clinton Edwards Obama
Boost mileage standards
Require utilities to buy green energy
Tax Big Oil, fund alternatives
Cap carbon emissions
Drill in Alaska
Hike gas taxes
Last updated January 02 2008: 9:42 AM ET

At a Glance

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