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Best new cars

Best new cars
Land Rover LR3
Toyota Tacoma

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Japan gets serious about fun trucks
Japan gets serious about fun trucks When it comes to work trucks, Americans buy American. So the Raider and Ridgeline are made for play. (more)

Want a great car price? Just call!
Want a great car price? Just call! Does sitting at home and phoning dealers really beat in-person haggling? It's not quite that easy. (more)

New Dodge Charger revealed
'Modern muscle car' is a four-door, Hemi-powered sedan with a coupe-like look. (more)

Car buying for wimps
Want a good price but hate the idea of haggling with the "sales manager"? There are other ways. (more)

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Most stolen cars
Most stolen cars Escalade EXT, Nissan Maxima hottest targets for thieves, study says. (more)

'Your mileage may vary'
There's been a lot of griping lately about the Environmental Protection Agency's fuel efficiency estimates. Those estimates are pretty far off, they say. (more)