Holiday Money 2006 from CNNMoney
Unique gifts from small businesses
These holiday presents, made by small companies, outshine the usual ties and socks. (more)

Executive wish list: Gifts from $20-$100,000
From eco-friendly sports cars to USB mittens, here's the stuff these top execs would like to see in their stocking. (more)

What's in store for the holidays?
Money Magazine brings you the best gifts at the best prices at five retailers you can't avoid. (more)

These toys are all the rage - among children of the obscenely wealthy. (more)
From role-playing to brain-teasers to music-making, this year's crop of games includes something for everyone. Here are some highlights for various game consoles and PCs. (more)
Toy Wishes' annual Hot Dozen list features hysterically laughing Elmo, modern-day Monopoly and Nintendo's Wii. (more)
Travel over the holidays can cost 15 percent more this year as demand eats up limited supply of cheap seats. (more)
Money Magazine's Karen Hube shows you how to present fiscal lessons without looking like the Grinch. (more)
'Troubles in Toyland' list warns of choking hazards and toxic chemicals. (more)
Consumers are expected to spend an average $195 on consumer electronics gifts this holiday season, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. Here's a look at what that will buy you. (more)
Make sure the toys you're buying for children don't hazard a dangerous encounter. (more)
For a cool $1.7M, Neiman Marcus catalog shoppers can rocket 63 miles above the Earth with five of their friends. (more)
Finally! Fewer small businesses planning holiday get-togethers for employees; more will spread holiday cheer with bonuses. (more)