World’s Top Employers for New Grads

For an exclusive CNNMoney list, research firm Universum Global surveyed college students around the world to see where they most want to work.

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Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble
Rank among business students: 10
Rank (engineering students): 11

Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
No. of employees: 126,000

What makes it great: P&G makes products that reach 4.8 billion of the 7 billion people on the planet. Its portfolio includes such billion-dollar brands as Tide, Crest and Pampers.

The company believes in building talent from within, investing heavily in its people in hopes of retaining and growing them, says Scott Read, who oversees global talent. That commitment extends all the way to the top: In the company's nearly 200-year history, no CEO has been hired from the outside, Read says.

Should an employee's ambitions and passions evolve, P&G encourages them to try a new career path within the company.

What they're looking for: Most P&G recruiting is geared toward hiring new grads for a wide variety of positions across all regions. Jobs often are built around the person, not the other way around, says Scott Isenhart, who oversees North American recruiting. But just 1% of applicants make the cut.

"We hire for leadership and character as much as we hire for intelligence," Isenhart adds. --L.G.

Is P&G a great place for new grads to work, or what?
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