World’s Top Employers for New Grads

For an exclusive CNNMoney list, research firm Universum Global surveyed college students around the world to see where they most want to work.

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J.P. Morgan
J.P. Morgan
Rank among business students: 11
Rank (engineering students): 32

Headquarters: New York, NY
No. of employees: 259,000

What makes it great: The financial services giant has lost some of its luster in the wake of its $6 billion "London Whale" trading loss and, more recently, investigations into its hiring practices in China. While the company slipped out of the top 10 this year, it remains highly popular with new grads.

An abundance of intensive training programs help employees gain skills, certifications, and contacts in areas like asset management and global markets. Liberal arts majors have their own specially designed boot camp to get up to speed.

Then there's the pay. On average, employees at the corporate and investment bank division reportedly earned more than $200,000 last year.

What they're looking for: For starters, candidates should have a strong interest in finance, be good with numbers, and be ready to log long hours.

Those with "an appetite for learning, a desire to make a real difference, and a strong team ethic will be successful," says James Bland, who oversees global recruitment.

Candidates can only apply to one of its business areas, which range from investment banking to quantitative research. --L.G.

Is J.P. Morgan a great place for new grads to work, or what?
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