Motorola fights for "Razr" name
Apparently, some people are prone to confusing cell phones with scooters. That must be why Motorola is fighting with scooter maker Razor USA over its use of the "Razr" name. Back in 2004, Motorola licensed trademark rights to the "Razr" name for its ultrathin flip phone from Razor, a deal that's set to expire in October. Rather than continue the license, though, Motorola plans to change the phone's name to "Motorazr." Razor isn't happy, and the dispute has escalated to the point that Motorola has filed a pre-emptive lawsuit against the scooter maker. Motorola, in the lawsuit, noted that it was "expend[ing] substantial funds" to make the switch to the slightly revised "Motorazr" name. Why anyone would be confused by the products is something of a head-scratcher, since they share little beyond the ability to fold up.
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It's purely the litigous nature of Razor USA. They have a history of staking broad claims. Razor USA is a lot like some of these cybersquatters who sit on web site names (URLs). They sit around all day thinking of stuff that is close to thier name and then stake claim to it despite EVER having any intentions of producing a real product. RAZR is an excellent example. Razor USA staked claim on that as a telecommunications device. What the hell is this scooter maker doing with a claim for a telecommunications device? It's just a lazy way of extorting money from companies that invest money and time in actually creating a product. Once it's established in the market then they swoop in with trademark infringement claims.
Posted By Todd Lewis, St. Louis, MO : 3:25 PM  

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