MySpace no longer pals with Tglo
Just last January, MySpace and VOIP provider Tglo seemed like best buddies, with Tglo offering buttons that MySpace users post in their profiles to let others call them over the Internet. (Some took it as a sign that the companies had a joint marketing deal, but that wasn't the case.) Then Tglo launched its own social-networking website, Tglofriends a couple of months later. Now MySpace is suing Tglo for allegedly spamming its users using fake MySpace accounts. It's the latest sketchy marketing move by Tglo, according to some. Industry watcher Andy Abramson told VOIPNews that Tglo's efforts to latch onto the popularity of eBay, Craigslist, Monster and others by offering click-to-call services for those websites' users constituted "parasitic marketing."
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