Yahoo to arrange marriages in India
If online dating in the U.S. is big, just think of the potential for arranging marriages in India. Alarm:Clock reports this morning that 12% of all Internet users on the sub-continent look for a spouse online -- and it seems Yahoo wants a part of that action. A:C is picking up on news broken by Indian news website ContentSutra yesterday: "Canaan Partners has teamed up with Yahoo to invest $8.6 million in BharatMatrimony." BharatMatrimony, notes Alarm:Clock, is tied for second place in the Indian online-marriage market behind

Canaan, a veteran Valley VC operation, was apparently the first investor in in 1995. That makes sense: if the investment thesis ain't broke, don't fix it. Both blogs also make much of the fact that this is Yahoo's first venture investment in India.

What do you think? Will marriages arranged online work out better than Internet dates?
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