Greenest cars

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's 10th annual "Greenest Cars" list includes only vehicles from Asian manufacturers. "When you look at the specs that matter, it's fair to say the imports have Detroit's number," said ACEEE analyst James Kliesch.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic
Engine: 1.8-liter 4-cylinder
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Fuel: Gasoline
City mpg: 30
Highway mpg: 40
Green score: 44
The Civic is also available with a manual transmission, but fuel economy is slightly better with the automatic.

The Civic appears three times in the ACEEE's Top 12 Greenest list because the GX, Hybrid and regular Civic are considered three distinct cars.

Otherwise, each vehicle is only listed with its best rank even if different versions -- say, with different engines or transmissions -- would also rank in the Top Ten.

Civic GX


Civic Hybrid

Altima Hybrid

Toyota Yaris


Camry Hybrid






About the list

Greener choices
ACEEE's "Green Score" is based on tailpipe emissions as well as pollution created in manufacturing the vehicle. Pollution from manufacturing is estimated based on the vehicle's weight. The average vehicle's "Green Score" is 30.

Disposal of hybrid batteries does not pose an environmental issue, said James Kliesch. Research Associate for ACEEE.

"It's generally agreed that batteres in [non plug-in] hybrids are going to last the life of the vehicle," he said

When the vehicle is eventually disposed of, the battery will almost certainly be recycled because of the high value of the nickel it contains, he said.


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