Greenest cars

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's 10th annual "Greenest Cars" list includes only vehicles from Asian manufacturers. "When you look at the specs that matter, it's fair to say the imports have Detroit's number," said ACEEE analyst James Kliesch.

Greener choices
Ford Escape Hybrid
Greener choices
These vehicles didn't make the Top 12 in ACEEE's list, but they came close. If you're looking for something besides a small or midsize car but you still want to minimize your vehicle's environmental impact, consider one of these.

Small SUV
Ford Escape Hybrid
Green score: 43

Sports car
Mazda MX-5 Miata
Green score: 39

Mid-size SUV
Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Green score: 39

Toyota Sienna
Green score: 32

Small pick-up
Toyota Tacoma
Green score: 34

Full-size pick-up
GMC Sierra Classic C1500
Green score: 27

Civic GX


Civic Hybrid

Altima Hybrid

Toyota Yaris


Camry Hybrid






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Greener choices
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