Green cars from the Frankfurt Motor Show

At the European auto show, car makers are showing off plans for fuel-sipping cars of the future as well as a few for today.

Opel Flextreme concept
The Flextreme uses the same e-Flex drive system as the Chevrolet Volt concept car shown at the Detroit Auto Show in January. This time, however, a small diesel engine is used to provide on-board power generation. As with the Volt, the Flextreme's batteries can also be charged by plugging into an electrical outlet.

The diesel engine provides an additional charge only if needed and is never used to drive the car. On a full charge, the Flextreme can drive about 34 miles before the diesel engine starts.Total range on one 7-gallon tank of fuel is 444 miles.

In addition, the Flextreme carries two Segway electric scooters. The scooters themselves are charged from docking stations integrated into the car's cargo bay.











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