6 hot dorm-room startups

These budding entrepreneurs didn't have to wait for an MBA to get down to business.

Learning by doing
Learning by doing

Dell, FedEx, Facebook, Microsoft: Some of today's biggest companies were born in college dormitories.

There are a lot of good reasons for young entrepreneurs to get an early jump and start their businesses in college. Some have a vision to change how things work. Others want to make a quick buck. And some just want to do what they love.

Not every business is built to succeed. A startup's founders may lose interest, leave when they graduate, or just need to grow up a little before embarking on a money-making venture. But then there are those visionaries. For them, age doesn't matter when it comes to great ideas.

Here are six companies that have a shot to become another household name that began in college.

By Sam Silverman, contributor - Last updated July 19 2011: 2:32 PM ET
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